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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So the Fireworks Begin...

Ugh! Tonight happens to be the night were some people in our neighborhood have decided to take out their new home-fireworks. I hate how they do that! It is still June, too! Granted, it is the last day of June, but still!

Okay, it is a lot of fun to do it, but not to be the people who have to listen to it! Sigh... Thank goodness home-fireworks are illegal in California (due to all the dry fire-waiting shrubs all around the place). But sadly, so are sparklers and all other home-celebrators. If only...

Anyway, the move is 10 days away!!! I am sooo excited, but I will miss my friends so much. A couple kids I will miss even more are two of the kids I baby-sit. Their names: Alex and Genoa. (Their mom's blog is: www.mandajuice.com-- check it out!) I will also miss Aubrey and all the other little ones that shaped my life so much. Sigh (again).

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