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Saturday, August 14, 2010

And Now We Relax... Sort Of

With the hard part of moving over (i.e. packing, moving day, getting here, unpacking, exploring... you get the picture-- but it is why I haven't been posting) and we are almost moved in, I get to sit back and relax. Well... Almost.

I am starting a new school in just a few days, which is WAY to early, if you ask me. August 25 is the first day at my new school and orientation is just two days away. Which, I am freaking out about.

BUT, I miss my old blog so I am switching back to that and deleting this one. I will leave it up for a few more days, but so long, Hayley's Comment!

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I am fantastic at music (I play trumpet and piano). I loooove art and I have a little sister who I am always on edge with-- but I love her anyway. And may I add that I have a deep passion for ice cream?
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