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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Facing the Mouth of the Monster

Plenty of people have too much stuff in their garage. Take my family for example. All sides of our garage are stacked to the top with boxes. Boxes which hold stuff.

Today is the dreaded day of packing that stuff. With my head held up high and a new bike on the line, I willingly helped my mother not only clean the garage, but PACK it. Do you know how hard that is? the rest of the house is just about done, but the garage is another story.

As I type, my mom is talking with a neighbor in our now, half-done monster mouth. (I hope by now you have figured out that the mouth of the monster and I really don't want to have to explain that to you if you haven't.)

There are a lot of boxes that we didn't bother to unpack when we moved here, so those we didn't have to go through, which made the monster seem a lot less difficult. I am taking a break for several reasons:
1) I don't like the garage-- it is dirty.
2) I am eating a Razmatazz from Jamba Juice.
3) It is cold outside with the breeze (even though it is 70 out).

Mom is calling-- monster, here I come!

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