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Monday, June 28, 2010

Recipe for Disaster

Emma has control problems (see them listed below in my last post) and she likes to... well... make a little something she calls "Bubble Solution".

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! This cannot be stressed enough.

Here is the recipe:
Arrow Root (why?)
Bubble Bath
Dish Soap
Bubble Blowing Soap

1) Put as much of everything as you can, but afterwards, put a lot more shampoo in.
2) Ask mom if you can put in Japanese Medicine.
3) When she says no, stick your solution in the freezer and dump out medicine on lawn.
4) Get it out again a few months later.
5) Stir like crazy until the frozen solution looks like a slushy and is all over the kitchen.
6) Try and get your older sister to eat it.
7) When she won't, use a funnel to put the solution in the empty Japanese Medicine bottle.
8) Do with it what you may.

This has been tested on older sisters, not animals.

(We don't know how or where she got Arrow Root-- even Mom doesn't know what it is.)

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  1. I'd better check my spice drawer; I did have some....


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