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Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Blog

My original blog is www.almostperfectornotatall.blogspot.com, but because we are moving, I decided to start clean and make a new one.

Here's a few things about me:
-- I play piano.
-- I excel at charcoal.
-- I love art.
-- I play trumpet.
-- I might ask too many questions.
-- I am very creative.
-- I collect snow globes.
-- I love to write.
-- I always have my nose in a book.

My family and I are currently living in the Pacific Northwest, but because of my dad's job, we are now in the middle of moving to Southern California. It's not the biggest move we've done before though! We've been from California to Illinois to Michigan to Pacific Northwest back to California. I've done this a lot-- trust me.

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Welcome to Hayley-Land (AKA: my blog)

Here is some quick info that you may need to know about me in the future:
I am fantastic at music (I play trumpet and piano). I loooove art and I have a little sister who I am always on edge with-- but I love her anyway. And may I add that I have a deep passion for ice cream?
My mom is an almost-published author and my dad is an Specialist Solution Consultant. Or something.
I love to be on the move and I also get bored really, really fast. Apparently I have the attention span of a goldfish (3 seconds-- 5 tops).